who we are


CLO + LO ABODE arose from a simple belief that every person AND every thing deserves a second chance. An opportunity to try again and sometimes, again to evolve. Whether it’s beautifully curated home accents or furnishings reimagined, the items offered by CLO + LO ABODE aren’t just getting their second chance, but owner, Johanna, is too…After working as a bartender, a freelance writer, and even a very brief stint as a stone fabricator, Johanna tried her hand at every possible career path before finally forging her way to the one that she belongs on—a life aimed towards creativity and expansion. After intially starting out flipping furniture, CLO + LO ABODE quickly evolved into offering items such as art, home accents, lighting and more, but didn't stop there. Now, this labor of love has also grown into showcasing carefully chosen new items that blend in seamlessly with all that is preloved and gently used; helping you create the sanctuary you truly deserve. Because everyone deserves their own space that nurtures peace and growth.